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Photo of Jan Monti, founder of The JANUS Group

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Clients talk about Jan Monti

"Time and again, you demonstrated your determination to find and use only the right approach, flexing and adjusting the design as we progressed. Although your attention was fully on my staff and managers, you made sure you and I took each step together, coaching, suggesting and responding to my concerns and insights with modifications and new approaches."

"We are learning to work as a team, staff and managers. We are taking risks and enjoying them. There is excitement here, and energy and passionate discourse about what we do. There is a willingness to commit, to be responsible for taking action, for problem solving, to be accountable."

"You would always see through the 'stuff' and direct or refocus on the critical points."

"In additional to your cool professionalism you provided a sensitivity that made a difficult task, if not easy, at least doable. Not only did you make my job as a manager easier, you taught me much that I will use in the future."

"This is the first time I have used career transition services and I found the experience and advice invaluable."

"Now I have a bag of leadership tools. Thank you for your commitment to our learning process."

"Jan did a wonderful job. The program flowed, she allowed it to venture out, but not too far or for too long, then brought it back. This created a relaxed, supportive environment."

"This was the best class and the best instructor I have ever had to date."

"Thanks for your wonderful creativity and marvelous style. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your follow through and quality, professional work. You'll be greatly missed."

"Meeting with you has invigorated my thoughts on relocating to Seattle. Your enthusiasm for your job and this community is infectious."

"You helped me bring clarity to an otherwise overwhelming task. Your guidance assisted me in getting through the bumps and remaining focused on my goals. Please know how much I truly appreciate your insight, thoughtfulness, and guidance. It is no exaggeration to say I would not have reached this degree of success without your help."

"The feedback and comments I've received from my staff is indicative of the thorough and effective manner in which you shed new light on our department's issues... The friendly format in which we expressed our heartfelt feelings about our co-workers performances and working style was polled unanimously as a positive and eye opening experience."

"Your skill in facilitating strategic planning, your sensitivity to people and your caring about the team's success have played a key role in... charting a course for the future. I greatly appreciate your commitment."

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