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Opening Doors for Individuals

The focus of the JANUS Groupís organizational work rests on a three part model. The sum of these parts provides the foundation for long term organizational success.

  1. Creating a clear and compelling picture of the ideal future
  2. Increasing organizational strength to achieve the ideal future
  3. Internalizing organizational discipline required to stay on course

The Ideal Future

Most organizations know whether or not they know where they are going. They know because they are enjoying success—with their customers and with their employees. There is a "can do" attitude, morale is high and turnover low, people know how they add value and how to support one another in achieving results. Organizations without a shared vision of the future work at odds with themselves. People are often unaware of their interdependent roles, customers experience confusion and lack of responsiveness, re-work levels are high and productivity and efficiency are compromised.

The JANUS Group helps organizations create successful outcomes through a process of strategic planning that partners the organization with itself and its customers. Components of the process typically include one or more of the following areas:

  • Holding partnering sessions with other internal or external organizations to establish working agreements prior to launching a project
  • Developing operating norms to guide organizations in how they will work together to get the job done
  • Articulating the values of the organization, which reflects its heart
  • Crafting the mission of the organization; what it is in business to do
  • Articulating the vision of where the organization wants to go
  • Developing strategic initiatives that align the work of the organization
  • Developing goals that provide a map to the future
  • Developing quality indicators that tell the organization if it is achieving the results it desires

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Increasing Organizational Strength

Strength comes from maximizing potential. Potential consists of the people who do the work and the processes by which work gets done. If one or the other are ineffective or inefficient, strength and competitiveness are diminished.

The JANUS Group helps organizations strengthen their people and their processes through:

  • Management and leadership coaching that focuses and empowers
  • Team development and realignment that diagnoses ineffective patterns and re-energizes ineffective teams
  • Culture change initiatives that renew how work gets done

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Internalizing Organizational Discipline

Once direction is established and people are aligned and effective, the organization is still at risk of falling into old patterns unless it has an infrastructure in place to maintain its gains. People need to clearly understand their own and one anotherís roles and responsibilities. Reward systems need to be in place to reinforce desired behavior. Communication systems should provide frequent and consistent messages that reinforce and inform.

The JANUS Group helps organizations "stay the course" through:

  • Executive and team retreats where progress can be evaluated and potential improvements identified
  • Town hall meetings where workforce conversations can be facilitated to productive conclusions
  • Culture "audits" that help ensure organizational health
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