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The decision to lay-off or terminate an employee is one of the most difficult for organizations to address. The JANUS Group has a history of providing guidance and support to ensure these transitions are completed in a coordinated, integrated, and sensitive manner. There are three key elements to successful outplacement services:

  1. Pre-work with the organization to develop an overall plan and strategy for the transition. This can include notification training for managers, communications with remaining staff, external communications and day of notification planning.

  2. On site meeting with affected employee(s) following notification. This can include individual meetings to discuss separation issues, immediate "do's and don'ts", the nature of the assistance required, and potential family issues. It can also include meetings with organizational "survivors" to assist them in understanding and coping with the transition.

  3. Delivery of outplacement services. Client organizations can select from the following programs:

    • Senior Management Program: unlimited coaching services for up to one year or until candidate is re-employed.
    • Job Finder Program: unlimited coaching services up to 3 months.
    • Self-Directed Program: 20 hours of coaching services in key areas of candidate's greatest need. Assumes candidate has strong self-directed approach to job search process.
    • Preparation Program: 12 hours of coaching includes assessment and resume/letter preparation.

    Hourly coaching available on request.

    Services may also include work with the client's spouse to surface concerns about the impact of job loss on the family and to involve the spouse as a key partner in the transition process. Consultant may also, with candidate's permission, obtain feedback from past employers to surface skill or style issues needing attention.

For further information, please contact The JANUS Group, Janice M. Monti, Principal, at 206.374.0323.

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